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ETIKET x TATA HARPER Signature Facial

Intensify the results with a totally personalized facial that focuses on the concern of your choice, either: hydrating, clarifying or detoxifying. Treat your skin to a one of a kind experience using 100% natural, high-performance formulas with a customized mask and techniques that are tailored to your concerns. A nourishing and therapeutic face massage leaves you with a totally refreshed, healthy-looking complexion. 60 minutes / $165


TATA HARPER Detox Defense Facial

Detox the day away! This cleansing facial was created to fight against visible signs of aging caused by daily exposure to pollution. Our unique purifying products use fruit enzymes, purple clay, and essential oils to provide a detox treatment that purges impurities and decongests pores to give you fresh, healthy skin. 60 minutes / $165


TATA HARPER Clarifying Facial

This complexion clearing treatment restores balance, tone, and texture to give your skin a total reset. Harnessing the power of exfoliants and masks packed with natural AHAs and BHAs, this treatment nourishes and hydrates to transform problematic skin into polished, even, clear looking skin. A calming massage leaves you, and your skin, feeling healthy and balanced. 60 minutes / $165


TATA HARPER The Men's Facial

Designed specifically for men, this facial is tailored to address irritation from shaving and environmental aggressors. A deep cleansing treatment is followed by our Purifying Mask to purge impurities and help fight the effects of daily exposure to pollution. Our Clarifying Mask provides physical and chemical exfoliation to help decongest pores and smooth and soften skin texture, while also soothing redness. This facial leaves you with a fresh, clear looking complexion. 60 minutes / $165


TATA HARPER Youth Giving Facial

The Ultimate Youth Preserving Facial Solution! This complete treatment lifts and firms with natural neuropeptides that instantly minimize the look of wrinkles and restore the look of youthful volume. Through therapeutic massage and high-performance ingredients, signs of aging are visibly smoothed. Three different masks and two facial massages help to stimulate the skin to deliver an instant lifting effect. This treatment also includes a luxurious Hand Treatment for youthful-looking hands. 75 minutes / $240


TATA HARPER Rejuvenating Facial

Total rejuvenation and radiance! An infusion of botanical vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants naturally provide environmental protection and nutrition to help the skin achieve a luminous, healthy looking glow. The perfect facial to provide the essential needs of your skin to deliver instantly youthful looking skin. 45 minutes / $130


TATA HARPER Hydrating & Calming Facial

This facial provides a surge of moisture to transform dry, dehydrated skin into hydrated, healthy-looking skin. A combination of moisturizing treatments, including a natural honey mask, instantly quenches dry skin for an ultra-hydrated, radiant complexion and leave you with supple, youthful looking skin. Treatment is suitable for pregnant woman. 45 minutes / $130



A powerfully purifying treatment that thoroughly cleanses skin and refines pores. An invigorating blend of clarifying essential oils helps flush away impurities and balance oiliness to leave skin with a refreshed, deep-clean feel. This facial has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to leave skin looking clear and balanced. 45 minutes / $105


PAI SKINCARE Restore & Regenerate Facial

This treatment is ideal for those with sensitive or highly reactive skin that is dry or deyhdrated. Packed full of the essential fatty acids (Omegas 3,6 7 & 9) required for cell regeneration, the products used in this facial help to promote long-lasting conditioning and transforms lacklustre skin to reveal a smooth and luminous complexion. However, the benefits of this treatment are not confined to facial rejuvenation alone; the application of alternative therapies ensures that the body’s internal systems are regulated too. Stimulation of key facial acupressure points connects and restores order in different areas of the body while targeted massage techniques around the cheek and jawbones lift, firm and tone the skin. Finally, lymphatic drainage techniques used in this facial helps to increase blood flow and flush toxins from the skin. Overall, this restorative treatment instills a sense of calm and deep skin replenishment. 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $125 | Package of 4 $425


PAI SKINCARE Detox & Decongest Facial 

This treatment is suitable for oily, combination and sensitive skin, or for those experiencing any form of congestion or skin stress.
For those with highly reactive skin, this is the go-to facial for complete peace of mind!
Expertly sourced natural active ingredients deposit essential nutrients and purify the skin. Moisture and mineral levels are effectively boosted while skin is smoothed and detoxified. Combined with skillful lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage, this treatment delivers whole body benefits by rebalancing the nervous system. Orbital relaxation disperses tensions and promotes a sense of calm, while cranial techniques are an antidote to the root causes of challenging skin. Walk away with your skin and body feeling restored and revitalized! 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $125 | Package of 4 $425


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