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NEW! TATA HARPER Complete Radiance Uplift Peel

Glow on the go! Target the overall complexion in a 45 minutes treatment that will provide lasting results! With the two steps 100% Natural Peel the tone and texture of your skin is restored. The peel works by specifically targeting age spots and redness, so you will look incredible for your evening out, or try a series of treatments for the most dramatic results. 45 minutes/ $95


NEW! TATA HARPER Complete Radiance Revive Peel

Restore even skin tone and brighten the overall look of the skin with this concentrated treatment specifically created to target hyper-pigmentation. Tata's award winning formulas work to reduce and prevent dark spots from sun exposure, acne, burns and more. Multiple natural sources of AHA, PHA, and BHA work to purify, smooth, even, balance, and hydrate the look of your skin so you can achieve your best glow. Your skin will be transformed for an immediately healthy glow and a noticeably improved complexion. 60 minutes/$175


TATA HARPER The All Natural Facial

This advanced facial using 100% natural products will repair the skin on a cellular level to maximize radiance and rejuvenation. You will enjoy a triple beta hydroxy and enzyme resurfacing treatment that will exfoliate providing instant glow and minimize pores. This facial reinforces the production of collagen to smooth wrinkles, firm and lift. Finally, the infusion of botanical vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants provide environmental protection and nutrition to help the skin achieve a healthy glow. It is suitable for all skin types. 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $125 | Package of 4 $425


TATA HARPER The Teen’s All Natural Facial

A powerfully purifying treatment thoroughly cleans the skin and refines pore appearance, while an invigorating blend of essential oils helps flush away impurities for a deeply refreshed feel. This facial has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to balance oiliness. 45 minutes/$75


TATA HARPER Custom Facial

Intensify the results with a customized mask treatment to focus on hydration, firming or purifying concerns. Completely treat the skin with concentrated formulas of high performing natural ingredients with specific techniques tailored to your concerns. Enjoy a nourishing and therapeutic face massage, leaving your skin with a healthy inner radiance. 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $150 | Package of 4 $499


TATA HARPER Purifying Facial

Just like a juice cleanse for your skin! Created to address the concerns of acneic or blemish prone skin while also working to reverse environmental signs of aging. This treatment is a comprehensive detoxification for your skin featuring unique Purifying Products, powered by fruit enzymes, purple clay and essential oils. Focused deep cleansing of congested pores. 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $150 | Package of 4 $499


TATA HARPER Hydrating Facial

The ultimate drink of moisture for your skin! Healing for sensitive skin, this treatment will restore your internal moisture cushion with avocado peptides and beetroot extract, leaving your skin thoroughly quenched for a full 24 hours. Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid is deeply penetrated into the skin to promote healthy collagen production. 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $150 | Package of 4 $499


TATA HARPER Brightening Facial

Restore even skin tone and brighten the overall look of the skin with our concentrated treatment specifically created to target hyper-pigmentation. With the use of high performing ingredients, your skin will be transformed. Our award winning formulas work to reduce and prevent dark spots from sun exposure, acne, burns and more. Instantly reveal a more even and luminous tone without the use of harmful acids or bleaching products. 75 minutes/$175


TATA HARPER The Anti- Aging Facial

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Solution! This complete treatment, firms and lifts the skin using advanced muscle-relaxing neuropeptides to instantly reduce wrinkles, reinforce collagen and restore the skin’s youthful cushion. Through therapeutic massage and high performing active ingredients, wrinkles are smoothed and reduced. By successfully stimulating the tissues of the skin, you will experience an instant uplift to the skin! This treatment also includes a luxurious Ageless Hand Treatment and Eye Therapy for youthful eyes. 90 minutes/$195


PAI SKINCARE Restore & Regenerate Facial

This treatment is ideal for those with sensitive or highly reactive skin that is dry or deyhdrated. Packed full of the essential fatty acids (Omegas 3,6 7 & 9) required for cell regeneration, the products used in this facial help to promote long-lasting conditioning and transforms lacklustre skin to reveal a smooth and luminous complexion. However, the benefits of this treatment are not confined to facial rejuvenation alone; the application of alternative therapies ensures that the body’s internal systems are regulated too. Stimulation of key facial acupressure points connects and restores order in different areas of the body while targeted massage techniques around the cheek and jawbones lift, firm and tone the skin. Finally, lymphatic drainage techniques used in this facial helps to increase blood flow and flush toxins from the skin. Overall, this restorative treatment instills a sense of calm and deep skin replenishment. 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $125 | Package of 4 $425


PAI SKINCARE Detox & Decongest Facial 

This treatment is suitable for oily, combination and sensitive skin, or for those experiencing any form of congestion or skin stress.
For those with highly reactive skin, this is the go-to facial for complete peace of mind!
Expertly sourced natural active ingredients deposit essential nutrients and purify the skin. Moisture and mineral levels are effectively boosted while skin is smoothed and detoxified. Combined with skillful lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage, this treatment delivers whole body benefits by rebalancing the nervous system. Orbital relaxation disperses tensions and promotes a sense of calm, while cranial techniques are an antidote to the root causes of challenging skin. Walk away with your skin and body feeling restored and revitalized! 60 minutes

Individual Treatment $125 | Package of 4 $425


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