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What defines a fragrance specifically for a woman? We don’t think there is one of our perfumes that a woman could not wear. We encourage our clients to explore all of our fragrances and to try something they may never have thought of wearing before. Who says a woman cannot wear a leather fragrance? And why must a woman wear a floral perfume? With so many choices though we have made a selection of what we would love any woman to wear.

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Amouage Interlude Woman

Interlude Woman is a floral chypre fragrance that reveals an interlude moment of unity and serenity.

Carner Barcelona Sweet William EDP

Exotic spicy notes of cardamom and white pepper mix together like poetry with rose water, ylang ylang and iris notes, composing a long-lasting richness and essence of nobility.

Heeley Parfums Cardinal EDP

A timeless scent built around the traditional incense notes of labdanum, ciste, frankincense and myhr. An air of lightness and purity is portrayed by a note of fresh, clean linen.

Heeley Parfums Vetiver Veritas EDP

Vetiver Veritas by James Heeley is a Woody Aromatic fragrance with top notes of mate and lavender, middle notes of Haitian vetiver and grapefruit and base notes of woody notes and green notes.

Carner Barcelona Cuirs EDP

With a strong and independent character, Cuirs Eau de Parfum takes the spiciness of saffron and mingles it with the warmth of noble woods, enticing to explore deeper, longer, further...

Mona di Orio Rose Étoile de Hollande EDP

This perfume manages to evoke a rose at once regal, joyous and sensual, its progression from top notes to base notes gathering depth and beauty as it progresses.

Amouage Journey Woman

Journey for Woman is a quiet, observing traveller that first lays out a path to follow. It opens with a melded composition of magical Osmanthus, Apricot, Jasmine Tea, Honey, Nutmeg and Cardamom.

Mona di Orio Suède de Suède EDP

Inspired by memories of the Mona di Orio Swedish in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman, Suède de Suède unveils a perfume that evocatively caresses the skin like soft Swedish gloves. A smooth woody suède accord warms you like the silky backside of a fur.

Penhaligon's The Revenge of Lady Blanche EDP

A darling of London Society, and one of the most influential ladies in Britain. Her fragrance reflects her very essence: a green floral narcotic.

Heeley Parfums Agarwoud Extrait de Parfum

A fragrance of dark, mystical elegance.

Tauer Perfumes L'oudh EDP

Another truly collectible scent from Andy Tauer created using a natural oud from Laos. We don't have to say this is a unique scent, it goes without saying, it's from Andy.

Penhaligon's Paithani EDP

When travelling through India one is confronted with the jewels of Nature and recurring moments of beauty that touch the Divine.

Monsillage Dupont Circle EDT

Fresh notes of bergamote, rosewood and mint that express freedom and youth.

Monsillage Aviation Club EDT

Green and metallic notes to translate the electrifying and adrenaline-filled energy of the game.

Eau d'Italie Morn to Dusk EDP

A sensual feeling that wraps like a veil of gold, from morning till the sun sets. Fresh and vibrant to begin with, the day starts with a clean, energetic note of bergamot. Then deeper and warmer; the inner sanctuary we carry with us throughout the day.

Penhaligon's Clandestine Clara

Penhaligon's presents to you the unofficial side of Lord George’s dynasty, beginning with - as we have come to know her - Clandestine Clara.

Amouage Memoir Woman

Amouage’s newest cinematic interlude delves beneath the obvious overtones of sentimentality, to portray a challenging chronicle of tension, flux and interconnectedness.

Amouage Imitation Man

A leather-chypre men’s fragrance that celebrates multiculturalism and diversity.

Eau d'Italie Fior Fiore EDP

Spend a night at the Hotel Le Sireneuse in Positano and you will smell the jasmine in the evening; this is the simple and beautiful inspiration for the latest fragrance from Eau d'Italie.

Olfactive Studio Woody Mood EDP

Envoying and intense, Woody Mood offers an assertive tone to the extent of these great sequoia.

Gallivant Amsterdam EDP

Foral, spicy, woody — the conceptual imagining of a black tulip. This fragrance captures autumn going into winter.

Amouage Figment Woman

Figment for Woman unveils the magnetism and magnificence of the poetic embroidered garden of Chong’s mind’s eye, opening capriciously with peppery and bittersweet accents of Sichuan Pepper and Saffron embellished with the green tones of Gardenia.

Tauerville Fruitchouli Flash EDP

We happen to love patchouli at Etiket and we think Andy Tauer must as well as he simply made a perfect, easy, fun and patchouli fragrance that has a touch of fruitiness that wraps it all together quite nicely.

Indult Rêve en Cuir EDP

Rêve en cuir is a delectable, edible, light-infused leather that is instantly legible, deliciously impossible, as if an Hermès belt had been candied and baked by a patissier.

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