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What defines a fragrance specifically for a woman? We don’t think there is one of our perfumes that a woman could not wear. We encourage our clients to explore all of our fragrances and to try something they may never have thought of wearing before. Who says a woman cannot wear a leather fragrance? And why must a woman wear a floral perfume? With so many choices though we have made a selection of what we would love any woman to wear.

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Eau d'Italie Easy To Love EDP

Eau d'Italie Easy To Love EDP

An intriguing, subtle melody of fig and flowers, seductive and timeless - just like Italy.

Hiram Green Dilettante EDP

Inspired by such simple pleasures as a stroll through a luscious garden after a rain shower, Dilettante is an enchanted and light-hearted celebration of summer.

Parfums de Marly Meliora EDP

Meliora Eau de Parfum combines woody base notes of smooth vanilla and musk with heart notes of delicate rose, fresh lily and ylang before being rounded off with top notes of sweet raspberry and juicy blackcurrant.

Penhaligon's The Uncompromising Sohan EDP

A thoroughly unfamiliar rose. A rose that knows nothing of coy discretion (pepper rose). That booms with joy from the very beginning (vetiver). The santal brings the memory of an eternal caress and it’s blended with saffron.

Parfums de Marly Cassili EDP

An irresistible and delicious blend of velvety fruits and pastel flowers, with a sprinkle of vanilla and wood. Joyous, sophisticated and distinguished.

Penhaligon's Luna EDT

Sparkling first with Bergamot oil and lemon primofiore,
it soon finds a dream-like calm, with jasmine, juniper and soft rose accords.
A harmony complete when musks and ambergris enchant Endymion’s endless beauty sleep.

Parfums de Marly Safanad EDP

An ode to an orange blossom that disturbs the senses...

Penhaligon's Changing Constance EDP

Sister to Lady Blanche, Constance is what one would call a very modern woman. Her fresh and spicy entrance hits an immediately intriguing (disobedient??) note.

Penhaligon's Countess Dorothea EDP

A fragrance that has impeccable manners (of course). Refined and thoroughly reassuring. If only everything in life was so deliciously agreeable. As comforting as sherry, as welcoming as a cup of jolly strong tea.

Histoires de Parfums 1969 EDP

1969, an erotic year…this perfume represents the sexual revolution and evokes an intense sensuality, accentuated by white Musk and intense Chocolate.

Tauer Perfumes No 03 Lonestar Memories EDT

Lonestar Memories was inspired by the American West, with the scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket.

Penhaligon's The Revenge of Lady Blanche EDP

A darling of London Society, and one of the most influential ladies in Britain. Her fragrance reflects her very essence: a green floral narcotic.

Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman EDP

A feminine and the house's signature scent. Ormonde Woman, the first perfume to use black Hemlock as its main ingredient.

Penhaligon's Empressa EDP

Bright, soft and deeply sensual are the textures of this luxurious, luminous, lavish cloak.

Olfactive Studio Woody Mood EDP

Envoying and intense, Woody Mood offers an assertive tone to the extent of these great Sequoia.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Traversée de Bosphore EDP

A sensorial journey through the city of Istanbul.
Blended scents of flowers, Loukhoums, Leather and Tobacco.

Heeley Parfums Blanc Poudre EDP

Originally inspired by French porcelain, this scent creates the feel and sensation of pure, white powder. A light floral and luminescent breeze passes over a cloud of fine, powdery whiteness.

Nishane Istanbul Múnegu Extrait de Parfum

A bold fragrance with a chic, sensual undertone makes the whole experience captivating.

Penhaligon's Bewitching Yasmine EDP 75ml EDP

Like all intriguing women, the perfume of Yasmine is hot and cold. The unique sharpness of rich, strong coffee is set off against a creamy spice accord. The smell of fresh cardamom brings a facet of the deeply mysterious that is all its own.

Mona di Orio Bohea Bohème EDP

Bohea Bohème captures the smoldering delicacy of the distinctive tea cultivated in the Wuyi Mountains of China.

Histoires de Parfums 1826 Eugénie de Montijo EDP

This beautiful lady who influenced the mundane life and artistic refinement of her time inspired this luminous fragrance, a sensual Amber carried by the power of white flowers and Patchouli, of which the empress loved the unforgettable vapor trail.

L'Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse Aux Papillons Extreme EDP

The scent of white flowers on a summer evening, blended with the freshness of bay Rose and the opulence of Saffron.

Nishane Istanbul Karagoz Extrait de Parfum

As part of Nishane’s 2017 Shadow Play collection, Karagoz is a tribute to wittiness, straightforwardness and sincerity. Shadow Play is the traditional and ancient form of storytelling and entertainment through shadow puppetry.

Eau d'Italie Morn to Dusk EDP

Eau d'Italie Morn to Dusk EDP

A sensual feeling that wraps like a veil of gold, from morning till the sun sets. Fresh and vibrant to begin with, the day starts with a clean, energetic note of Bergamot. Then deeper and warmer; the inner sanctuary we carry with us throughout the day.

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