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Imaginary Authors


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Imaginary Authors is a fragrance collection created from the imagination of Josh Meyer, a self taught perfumer from Portland, Oregon. Each scent is inspired from that novel that you haven’t read yet, from an author that doesn’t exist. But if they did, they would tell a story in fragrance that would touch you in some way, a memory, an idea, a thought that will take you to a place you haven’t been to but have always wanted to go, or to a memory that is so comfortable you may not want to leave.

We think that Imaginary Authors is a perfect introduction to niche fragrances.

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Imaginary Authors Short Story Collection

A great way to discover the Imaginary Authors Collection!
**Please note image does not represent all fragrances included. **

Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser EDP

Memoirs of a Trespasser by Philip Sava, is a story that is as much real as it is fiction. You just don’t know when you cross the line. We know for sure that this is a fragrance for oriental lovers, the Vanilla blended perfectly with a woody texture

Imaginary Authors Saint Julep EDP

This is a beautiful Green fragrance with notes of Tangerine, Mint, Sugar, Magnolia, Whiskey, Ambergris, and watery notes.

Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths EDP

With real Cambodian Agarawood softened with Cantaloupe and a touch of Honey, Whispered Myths is a beautifully balanced oud scent that is never too intense.

Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze EDP

The seductive, dreamlike quality of this scent works like a magnet.
Use it liberally during the day and, as it lingers into night, watch as those around you are lured into your sphere.

Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache EDP

Cape Heartache by Philip Sava is a love story of exploratory proportions.
We are taken right into the woods with this scent, from the Strawberry patch to the dewy morning in the pines.

Imaginary Authors Falling Into the Sea EDP

Falling Into The Sea by Nica Gala, tells the story of love and tragedy on the Amalfi Coast. Where else could anything so beautiful yet so sad happen. We smell the sea and the sand and the beautiful citrus that is found so easily along the Gulf of Naples.

Imaginary Authors Telegrama EDP

This fragrance is very likeable, wearable, and long-lasting. It is an everyday scent based on the idea of the masculine fragrances of the mid and late 60's.

Imaginary Authors Every Storm A Serenade EDP

We love the clean twist of Pine and Eucalyptus and the subtleness of the Ambergris: this is a perfect scent for every day as much as for that night of lust and loneliness that may just occur when you wear it.

Imaginary Authors The Soft Lawn EDP

The Soft Lawn by Claude LeCoq, is a classic story of ego taking over and eventually coming back to take everything, this time from a young tennis star. This fragrance will take you to a green grass tennis court.

Imaginary Authors SunDrunk EDP

A new unisex citrus fragrance from Imaginary Authors, it was inspired by an imaginary book by ... an Imaginary Author.
“Woozy and warm from the sun, we shared an orange pop and watched the surfers’ last lines of the day.” –Amy Obispo

Imaginary Authors A City on Fire EDP

The refined smoke accord makes this an austere and luxurious scent for evenings on the town, whether with a special someone or alone and looking for trouble.

Imaginary Authors Slow Explosions EDP

Slow Explosions by Gwen K. Vroomen, is a trip to Goa in India and yet a very sophisticated one at that. We smell the rose and leather and somehow that impossible ingredient of the Night Market in Arpora, as if we were there exploring the stalls.

Imaginary Authors O, Unknown!

Splash on O, Unknown! and plunge forth into prosperity and joy.
Repeat as often as you are able.

Imaginary Authors The Cobra & The Canary EDP

The Cobra & The Canary by James Spundt, is all about the 1960’s that pushed so many to give up their mundane reality to explore what they thought would be the answer to life. We can smell the leather of the seats and the sexy sweetness of the Tobacco

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