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New Scents at Etiket

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New Scents at Etiket

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New Fragrances

Squid | Eau de Parfum
This special edition version of Squid has a limited edition box sleeve and bottle label. 
The latest launch from cult fragrance house Zoologist takes us to the sea. Surprising and yet easy, this scent by IFF perfumer Céline Barel, sings a song of the sea, a melancholy tale told through tangy brine, crisp incense, and sweet, cloudy ink, all united by the moody aroma of ambergris. Like the endless depths that inspired it, this elegant scent ripples with mystery.
Available as of August 31st. If you would like to pre-order this fragrance, we will ship your order on August 31st. 
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Pachulí Kozha | Extrait de Parfum
Pachulí Kozha is a voluptuous composition of patchouli, leather and incense. Final touch from honey not only balances the mixture but also adds more lustfulness. Feel the libertine.
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Route du quai | Eau de Toilette
This fragrance was born of a precise memory: the moment of anticipation, at the turn of the road, just before arriving at the family cottage of Rivière-Ouelle, marking the beginning of the holidays, of the summer, and freedom. Through the scent of perfume, perfumer Isabelle Michaud tells of her attachment to this corner of the country; its flora and fauna, its intoxicating landscapes and its ability to make us dream.
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Chant de Camargue | Eau de Parfum
Landscapes of rice fields, lagoons and pink flamingos. The delicacy of a "milk of rice" flowery and powdered. Through his olfactory itinerary, perfumer Alberto Morillas embarks on a journey of discovery, revealing the Camargue in all its glory – Aigues Mortes, Arles and Saintes Maries de la Mer. 
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Lustre | Eau de Parfum
Imagine the sun rising over seemingly endless fields of roses in the heartland of Bulgaria. Soft, golden rays of sunlight tenderly encourage the delicate pink petals to release their delightful scent. Hiram Green's Lustre is a deceptively simple and elegant soliflore: rose from beginning to end. It is a luminous and fresh perfume that adds sheen to your day. Life is golden.
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NEZ #07
Animal Sense

The Olfactory Magazine – #07 – Animal Sense 
Smell has long been considered as an primarily animal sense, instinctive, bestial...
If man, by adopting a bipedal stance, has developed his hearing and sight – senses recognized as more noble and intellectual – animals have only further refined their olfactory sense, becoming capable of using smell as a means of communication, as well as using their sophisticated sense for even more impressive and unexpected endeavours.
Animals smell each other, but they themselves exude smells – for better or worse. At times, their odour may attract us; other times it may steer us away. From musk to ambergris all the way through to civet, animals have always played an important role in the fragrance world as raw materials for creating new scents - that is, until very recently.
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