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LUMIVIVE has arrived!

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LUMIVIVE has arrived!

SkinMedica has always been at the forefront of skin care innovation. Their latest innovation? LUMIVIVE, a versatile night and day multitasking system created to reverse the appearance of environmental damage while rejuvenating your skin.

LUMIVIVE by SkinMedica
An exclusive antioxidant system

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Did you know?

No matter where we live or what we do, our skin is exposed to the effects of modern life and to various environmental factors that can make it suffer a multitude of aggressions.

Environmental Pollution
Pollution can make skin look tired and stressed, and 92% of the population lives in areas where outdoor air pollution exceeds the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations related to the quality of the air. 

Why Blue Light is Harmful to the Skin
Like ultraviolet rays, blue light has both benefits and dangers. Natural exposure to blue light during the day helps us stay alert, boosts our attention span and lifts our mood. At night, exposure to it can hurt our eyes and disrupt our sleep pattern, throwing our circadian rhythm off —and this can prove problematic for our skin. Blue light accelerates skin aging and also damages the skin. We spend on average 10 hours a day in front of a screen. The more skin is exposed to blue light, the more it becomes vulnerable.

A system for day and night

The system offers unmatched protection against pollution and blue light from telephones, tablets, TV screens and computers known to cause significant skin damage.

This revolutionary technology far surpasses ordinary antioxidant products to provide essential protection against blue light and external aggression.

This technology accelerates the essential process of recovering the skin overnight with a special blend of ingredients that invigorate, stimulate and detoxify to give you a radiant look upon waking.

In 12 clinical studies with more than 300 patients, LUMIVIVE has been shown to improve:

  • The radiance of the complexion
  • The appearance of skin discolorations
  • The uniformity of the complexion
  • Visible redness

This system is suitable for all skin types & complexions.

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