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Have a Mask Moment

Have a Mask Moment

The week-end is coming and we say it is time to slow down and put out the do-not-disturb sign. Make some time for yourself and draw a bath, light a candle and  relax with a mask - whether you want to treat or just unwind,  these best sellers will reset your skin while you recharge your mind. 

Hydrating Floral Mask
A hyper-hydrating mask with 1,000 sizes of hyaluronic acid to recharge dry skin, replenish lost moisture and deliver thirst-quenching hydration. Best for dryness, dehydration, or uneven skin tone.
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DHE Mask
Made with Manicouagan Clay, extracted from the site of a 215 million year old asteroid crash in Central Quebec, it is loaded with detoxifying minerals and antioxidant-rich sea algae to smooth and even skin tone.
HydrExtreme® has been combined with a blend of organic botanicals to help balance and replenish your skin’s natural oils leaving it plump, firm and beautifully hydrated.
Finally, a unique blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acid fruit enzymes provides the gentle but effective exfoliation your skin needs to look brighter and healthier, and to breathe more efficiently.
The final result is a brighter, healthier, and younger looking skin from the very first use.
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Revival Masque
A unique combination of Asiatic, Lactic and Mandelic acids is scientifically proven to lower the skin's PH. This triggers the release of growth factors that help to rejuvenate and revive skin, leading to a younger, fresher appearance.
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Detoxifying Mask
This at-home charcoal mask minimizes the appearance of pores while absorbing excess dirt, oil and debris trapped deep in the pores. Blending Japanese white charcoal with clay and the naturally-occurring mineral magnesium aluminum silicate, absorb excess dirt, oil and debris trapped in the pores. The result is smooth, clear skin and pores that look smaller.
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Brightening Enzyme Mask
This concentrated brightening treatment balances pomegranate and pumpkin enzymes with botanically derived AHA’s, leaving skin softer, smoother. A quick, easy way to restore skin's glow without irritation; suitable for all skin types.
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Hydrating B5 Masque
An intensely hydrating weekly gel masque to help in the replenishment of the skin's moisture levels. Enhanced with a unique complex containing constituents of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), this weekly hydration treatment re-establishes the water balance critical for maintaining skin metabolic functions at optimal levels.
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Sandalwood Microexfoliator + Mask
Huna Sandalwood Microexfoliator + Mask is a highly effective skin treatment to gently exfoliate, clarify and renew. Refine the appearance of skin imperfections like age spots, dark spots left behind from acne, and uneven skin tone. Clarify skin of acne breakouts, blemishes and blackheads before they even creep up. Promotes a smooth even skin texture, while toning and minimizing the appearance of pores.  Skin looks clear, clarified, refined, healthy, supple-looking, and skin feels ultra soft.
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Rosehip Bioregenerate Rapid Radiance Mask
Harnessing the regenerative powers of the iconic Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, this ultra-nourishing treatment revitalises tired skin in under 10 minutes. The full range of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 in superior CO2 extracted Rosehip Oil feed the skin essential nutrients, resulting in instant radiance and a renewed skin tone. Formulated to glide on evenly and polish off easily with the enclosed Muslin Cloth, the buttery cream leaves skin soft and dewy. Packed with calming botanicals and entirely free from irritants, it is ideal for sensitive or reactive skin.
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StemYouth Anti-Fatigue Tissue Mask
A sheet mask enriched with a highly concentrated anti-ageing serum. The mask hugs facial contours perfectly for better interaction between the active ingredients and the skin. Its specific shape helps it stay on, providing an immediate tensor effect.
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Self-Care Sunday
Your CheckList for the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday


All too often, Sunday evenings are total downers – the bulk of the weekend has come and gone, and by the time the sun has set, we’re shrouded in the Sunday Blues. Enter Self-Care Sunday. By ending the weekend with something to look forward to, you’ll wrap your two-day break on a positive note.
Plus, self-care is the best way to recuperate after a weekend of socializing, revelry, or getting that side hustle on. And a bit of pampering will help you recharge for the work week ahead.
Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need to treat yo’self well, and get ready to relax:  

Between job schedules, catching up with friends, and family needs, the world demands a lot of us. It’s easy to sacrifice self-care in favour of happy hour, or wrapping up work tasks that we feel just have to be submitted ASAP.
But self-care is crucial – and the longer we forgo it, the greater the stress that piles up. Which can lead to a mega burnout down the road.
If you find it difficult to locate space in your hectic schedule for downtime, follow this tip from Fast Company: Plug it into your calendar.
You’ll be less inclined to skip your “Me Time” if you have it physically on the books.

The point here isn’t to go on a total carb overload (though more power to you, if you do!), but rather to take the time to enjoy your food.
Whether it’s a gorgeous, multi-layered smoothie bowl or a plate of your world-famous nachos, feed your tummy and your soul with fresh comfort food à la you.
In an age when food is often prized for its “grab & go” convenience, now’s your chance to really sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Savor each bite, let the flavors sink in, and enjoy your meal mindfully.

In order to effectively recharge, first you’ll need to clear any lingering or pent-up emotions. Yoga, meditation, and journaling are all excellent methods for doing so.
Want to stretch it out? Here are seven yoga poses purported to release trauma from the body (plus, Lion’s Pose definitely looks like fun if you ask us).
If meditating is more your speed, check out guided sessions online. The Chopra Center has a free library of self-enriching talks, as does UCLA.  
Or if you’d like to write out your thoughts, here are 10 journaling tips designed to help you heal and grow in the process.   

Or some variation thereof. Let yourself catch up on your favorite series, or tend to your own personal herb garden.
Or maybe your preferred method of unwinding and escaping is watching a good rom-com, diving into an uplifting novel, or blasting a Bach concerto on your retro turntable.
Whatever leads you to your own personal zen, now’s your opportunity to do it without any judgement or pressure to be “more productive .”

The best way to end your #selfcaresunday? With everyone’s favorite pampering activity: A nice long soak in the bath.
Queue up the relaxing tunes, inhale some calming essential oils, and slip into something detoxing, calming, or naturally moisturizing. Pair this time in your own personal spa with a facial or mani-pedi, for the ultimate end to the weekend.
Sunday Blues who?  

 This is a post from the Bathorium Lifestyle Blog, check it out HERE.

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