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Love at First Scent

Love at First Scent

Valentine's Day is around the corner, but we say any excuse is perfect to find a new scent; be it romantic, seductive or just plain old sexy. And if wearing scent isn't your thing, you can always set the mood with a candle. There are many ways to light a fire.

The mood of the moment

While we have lots of visual cues for the word "romantic" (roses, hearts, anything red), it's harder to pinpoint what makes a scent fit the bill. This fragrance contains lush flowers; jasmine, rose, gardenia, peony and heliotrope, powdery notes; and comforting, sweet aromas like vanilla and tonka that put it on our list of top romantic fragrances.

Lilac Love EDP
$468 | 100ml

Long, sunny days and meadows full of flowers in bloom. Imagine lying under the shade of citrus trees and looking up towards the sky with the one you love. Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine and white flowers in a romantic, soft, luminous and sheer fragrance.

La Chasse aux Papillons EDT
$170 | 100ml

This fragrance is a not so innocent take on a fresh rose. Naively romantic as the character it is created for, the rose is balanced by musk and has a touch of orange to keep it light, fresh and never old. Our best selling fragrance in the Portraits Collection.

The Coveted Duchess Rose EDP
$305 | 100ml

Time to get a little closer

Subtly combining refined woody essences, sensual spicy notes and a heady smell of leather, something in this scent makes you go back for more. Did you put his shirt on when he left? Or just put a touch on your neck when he wasn't looking. Don't worry, no one will know why you are smiling but us.

B683 EDP
$225 | 100ml

A comforting, smoky vanilla with an amber woody base and a cool dry gin opening, there is nothing stuffy or old about the members of this club. We think it's more charming, debonair and old school modern. We like the smell of that.

The Architects Club EDP
$225 | 100ml

It was in 1725, that most infamous of lovers, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was born. For every Casanova, here is an eau de parfum inviting intense pleasure, an amber fern mixing fine wooded tunes and touches of lemony freshness, sublimed by the elegance of lavender. Warmed with heady spices and coloured by sweet fruits.

1725 Casanova EDP
$125 | 60ml

Too Sexy
Is that even possible?

Fascinating, alluring, a subtle, velvety effect that ebbs and flows on the skin. You may not be aware of the effect you are having on those around you when you wear Molecule 01. We won't be held responsible.

Molecule 01 EDT
$180 | 100ml

It's getting too hot in here

Love in a candle? Let's just say, we know what lighting this candle may start. Opening with sharp citrus and aldehyde, the top notes of Love recede to reveal a deepened heart of rose and patchouli ending in a comforting sensation of warmth.

Midnight Flower Love Candle
$108 | 195g

Maybe it was one too many; a spilled gin martini on a velvet banquette, and clouds of vanilla and blond tobacco smoke all mingled in the cosy interior to create this warm and sexy candle.

Art Deco Velvet
$95 | 251g

Seductive and compelling as the name suggests, this is an exact blend of notes for a relaxing and general aphrodisiac. A modern and dynamic interpretation of a chypre fragrance, it perfectly contrasts fresh citrus with wood oak moss, enhanced with sweet patchouli. Be careful, it's addictive and sexy.

Cannabis Votive
$24 | 67g


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