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Alyria Expert Serum Set

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The Serum Set includes the Intense Hydrating Serum and the Revitalizing Eye Serum.

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It’s important to keep your skin well hydrated in the winter, including the eye contour!

The Serum Set includes:


  • Unique moisturizing complex for optimal hydration.

  • Acts on both the surface and within the skin.

  • With vitamin B5 and antioxidants for healthier, more radiant skin!


  • Helps reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

  • Stimulates collagen production for firmer skin and other benefits.

  • Keeps the eye contour hydrated.


Whether we like it or not, November, December and January bring bone-chilling cold. Temperatures drop, the wind picks up and our
skin reddens with irritation. Sebum production slows, the hydrolipidic film on the surface of the skin is affected and can’t keep up its role
as barrier, leaving the upper layers of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, unprotected. Since the skin is no longer able to retain water, its reserves deplete, causing dehydration. Wrinkles and fine lines become more apparent, the skin loses suppleness and begins to feel tight. If the problem is not corrected, the skin becomes fragile and irritated. More alligator skin than peach skin, it dries, pulls, reddens, burns, tingles and marks more easily. Its natural defences weaken.

It is irritable, becomes reactive, even intolerant. And it ages faster!


It is vital to keep your skin well hydrated during the winter months. And once hydrated, it is important to keep it from becoming dehydrated. To do both, use formulas rich in both hydrating
and anti-dehydrating properties.

Alyria Skin Optimizing System offers an Intense Hydrating Serum. Its non-codemogenic, non-irritating formula contains a hydrating complex unique to Alyria: Hydroviton®PLUS and PatcH2OTM.


A complete hydrating complex made with natural sugars, moisturizing agents and hyaluronic acid that captures moisture and naturally increase the skin’s ability to retain water, ensuring continuous hydration.


Optimal hydration on two levels:

• On the skin’s surface: The combination of hyaluronic acid, alginate and a natural glucan known as pullulan, forms a molecular mesh.

• In the skin: This molecular mesh is charged with a hydrating complex that gradually releases deep into the epidermis.

Adding vitamin B5 to the formula enhances the serum’s hydrating properties.

Vitamin B5

A humectant that hydrates deep down, prevents water loss by strengthening the skin barrier and helps repair tissue to improve skin softness, elasticity and overall health.

Combining these active hydrating ingredients helps rebuild water reserves deep within the skin and increases the water-binding capacity of the epidermis. They also perform a second function: depositing a non-sticky protective film on the skin’s surface.

This effective hydrating serum also contains antioxidant ingredients that slow the natural aging process by neutralizing the free radicals responsible for oxidative stress. Intense Hydrating Serum comforts and soothes the skin, giving it a visibly more youthful appearance while preparing it for the cold weather.


Did you know? The contour of the eye is the most fragile area of the face. The skin there is extremely fine, has few sebaceous and sweat glands, and is very active.

While the contour of the eye doesn’t have much oil, it has an abundance of muscles! The eyelids move with every expression and we blink an average 10,000 times per day to spread tear fluid evenly over the eyes.

This area’s fragility and constant movement make the contour of the eye a prime place for wrinkles and fine lines to form.

To retain a youthful appearance, it is important to hydrate this area with special formulas. If they also have firming properties, your skin will look even more radiant, which is appreciated in the dark of winter! Alyria offers a firming serum containing 4% Matrixyl®, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Matrixyl® imitates the natural skin regeneration process and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and other components vital to a youthful appearance. After six months of use, the surface of deep wrinkles smooth out. While Matrixyl® acts on deep wrinkles, hyaluronic acid, a top anti-aging active, helps hydrate the contour of the eye while vitamin E soothes the skin in that area.

Simply put, the Revitalizing Eye Serum keeps your skin glowing even on short winter days with little sun!

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