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Fragrance Samples

More and more, perfume lovers looking for an olfactive signature, are coming to visit us to discover and find a new niche, classic or contemporary fragrance. We realize that you may not know all of our fragrances or have the opportunity to visit our store in Montreal to try them in person. We now have in place an easy way to order samples of any of the fragrances that we offer from wherever you are in Canada.

It is wonderful to read a perfume review, it is great to have someone tell you that you will like a fragrance, but in the end, you must try the perfume on yourself to experience its magic and eventually to fall in love with it before deciding to purchase it.

All of our available perfume samples are listed below and come in a standard glass perfume vial (0.7ml) with a plastic wand applicator. Each sample order must be for a minimum of four samples, there is a maximum of two samples per fragrance. We do not charge our usual $9.95 shipping charges for orders under $75.00 on fragrance sample orders, we just ask that you order a minimum of four samples to have free shipping.

Fragrance Samples

Product Name Price Select
Amouage: Dia Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Epic Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Fate Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Honour Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Journey Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Jubilation 25 Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Lyric Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Lilac Love Sample $5.00
Amouage: Memoir Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Myths Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Reflection Woman Sample $5.00
Amouage: Sunshine Woman EDP Sample $5.00
Amouage: Gold Man Eau de Parfum sample $5.00
Amouage: Bracken Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Dia Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Epic Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Fate Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Honour Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Interlude Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Journey Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Jubilation XXV Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Lyric Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Opus VI Sample $5.00
Amouage: Opus VIII Sample $5.00
Amouage: Opus IX Sample $5.00
Amouage: Opus X Sample $5.00
Amouage: Memoir Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Myths Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Reflection Man Sample $5.00
Amouage: Sunshine Man EDP Sample $5.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Aleksandr Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Anima Dulcis Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Boutonniere No. 7 Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: ÉL Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: ELLA Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Fleur de Louis Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Flor y Canto Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Infanta en flor Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: L'Etrog Acqua Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: L'Etrog Sample $4.00
ARQUISTE Parfumeur: The Architects Club Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Ambre Nue Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Bergamot Soleil Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Blanche Immortelle Sample $5.00
Atelier Cologne: Bois Blonds Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Cédrat Enivrant Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Clémentine California sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Emeraude Agar Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Encens Jinhae Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Grand Néroli Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Jasmin Angelique Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Mimosa Indigo Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Mistral Patchouli Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Oolang Infini Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Orange Sanguine Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Oud Saphir Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Philtre Ceylan Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Poivre Electrique Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Pomélo Paradis Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Rose Anonyme Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Santal Carmin Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Silver Iris Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Tobacco Nuit Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Trèfle Pur Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Vanille Insensée Sample $4.00
Atelier Cologne: Vetiver Fatal Sample $4.00
Boudicca: WODE Eau de Parfum Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Bergamot, Jasmine & Labdanum Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Black Flower Mexican Vanilla Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Cassis, Rose & Sandalwood Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Chocolate Man Cologne Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Citrus Man Cologne Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Dark Horse Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Desert Rose Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Herb-Man-Cologne Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Leather-Man-Cologne Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Lime, Gardenia & Benzoin Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Mandarin, Neroli & Cedar Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Mate, Heliotrope & Patchouli Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: New-Musk-Man-Cologne Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Passion Fruit, Orange Blossom & Vetiver Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Peach Blossom, Violet & Vanilla Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Pear, Water Lily & Amber Sample $4.00
Dame Perfumery: Verbena, Freesia & Musk Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Acqua Decima Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Au Lac Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Baume du Doge Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Bois d'Ombrie Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Eau d'Italie Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Graine de Joie Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Morn to Dusk EDP Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Paestum Rose Sample $4.00
Eau d'Italie: Un Bateau Pour Capri Sample $4.00
Escentric Molecule: Escentric 01 Sample $4.00
Escentric Molecule: Molecule 01 Sample $4.00
Escentric Molecules: Escentric 02 Sample $4.00
Escentric Molecules: Molecule 02 Sample $4.00
Escentric Molecules: Molecule 03 Sample $4.00
Etro: Jacquard Sample $4.00
Etro: New Tradition Sample $4.00
Etro: Via Verri Sample $4.00
Ex Idolo: Thirty-Three Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Cardinal Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Hippie Rose Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Iris de Nuit Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Menthe Fraiche Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Sel Marin Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Saint Clement's Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Verveine d'Eugene Sample $4.00
Heeley Parfum: Vetiver Veritas Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: Ambre 114 Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1725 Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1740 Marquis de Sade Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1804 Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1826 Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1828 Jules Verne Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1876 Mata Hari Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1899 Hemingway Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: 1969 Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: Blanc Violette Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: Moulin Rouge Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: Noir Patchouli Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: This is Not A Blue Bottle Sample $4.00
Histoires de Parfums: Tubéreuse 2 Virginale Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: A City on Fire Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Bull's Blood Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Cape Heartache Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Every Storm a Serenade Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Falling Into The Sea Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Memoirs of a Tresspasser Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Slow Explosions Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: The Cobra & The Canary Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: The Soft Lawn Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Violet Disguise Sample $4.00
Imaginary Authors: Yesterday Haze Sample $4.00
Indult: Isvaraya Sample $4.00
Indult: Manakara Sample $4.00
Indult: Reve en Cuir Sample $4.00
Jazmin Sarai: How You Love Sample $4.00
Jazmin Sarai: Led IV Sample $4.00
Jazmin Sarai: Neon Graffiti Sample $4.00
Jazmin Sarai: Otis & Me Sample $4.00
Jazmin Sarai: SolaR 1 Sample $4.00
(MALIN + GOETZ): Dark Rum Sample $4.00
(MALIN + GOETZ): Moroccan Fig Sample $4.00
(MALIN + GOETZ): Vetiver Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Ambre Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Bohea Bohème Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Cuir Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Eau Absolue Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Lux Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Musc Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Myrrh Casati Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Nuit Noire Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Oudh Osmanthus Sample $4.00
Mona di Orio: Rose Etoile de Hollande SAMPLE $4.00
Mona di Orio: Tubereuse SAMPLE $4.00
Mona di Orio: Vanille SAMPLE $4.00
Mona di Orio: Vetyver SAMPLE $4.00
Mona di Orio: Violette Fumee SAMPLE $4.00
Monsillage: Aviation Club EDT Sample $4.00
Monsillage: Dupont Circle EDT Sample $4.00
Monsillage: Eau de Celeri EDT Sample $4.00
Monsillage: Eau Fraîche EDT Sample $4.00
Monsillage: Ipanema Posto Nove EDT Sample $4.00
Monsillage: Vol 870 YUL-CDG EDT Sample $4.00
Nishane Istanbul: Afrika Olifant Sample $4.00
Nishane Istanbul: Boszporusz Sample $4.00
Nishane Istanbul: Pasion Choco Sample $4.00
Nishane Istanbul: Spice Bazaar Sample $4.00
Nishane Istanbul: Tuberoza Sample $4.00
Nishane Istanbul: Wulong Cha Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Autoportrait Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Chambre Noire Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Flash Back Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Lumière Blanche Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Ombre Indigo Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Panorama Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Selfie Sample $4.00
Olfactive Studio: Still Life Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Artemisia Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: As Sawira Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Bayolea Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Blenheim Bouquet Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Blasted Heath Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Blasted Bloom Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Bluebell Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Empressa Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Endymion Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: English Fern Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Equinox Bloom Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Halfeti Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Hammam Bouquet Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Iris Prima Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Juniper Sling Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Lily of the Valley Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: LP No. 9 for Men Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Malabah Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Peoneve Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Quercus Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Sartorial Sample $4.00
Penhaligon's: Vaara Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: Gardenia Sotto la Luna Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: Tuberose Sotto la Luna Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: PHI-une rose de Kandahar Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 01 Le Maroc Pour Elle Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 02 L'Air du Désert Marocain Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 03 Lonestar Memories Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 04 Rêverie au Jardin Pour Elle Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 05 Incense Extrême Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 06 Incense Rosé Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 07 Vetiver Dance Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 09 Orange Star Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 11 Carillon Pour Un Ange Sample $4.00
Tauer Perfumes: No 14 Noontide Petals Sample $4.00
Tauerville: Amber Flash Sample $4.00
Tauerville: Fruitchouli Flash Sample $4.00
Tauerville: Incense Flash Sample $4.00
Tauerville: Rose Flash Sample $4.00
Tauerville: Tuberose Flash Sample $4.00
Tauerville: Vanilla Flash Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Bat Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Beaver Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Civet Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Hummigbird Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Macaque Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Nightingale Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Panda Sample $4.00
Zoologist: Rhinoceros Sample $4.00
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