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Parfums Jazmin Sarai

Scent, Sound & Culture intertwined.

It’s all about interpreting beats, rhythms, melodies, and lyrics in songs then translating that into perfume, a form of pastiche in a way; an olfactive reimagining. The intention is to remind you, the wearer, that perfume is transformational and that music is universal. They both evoke deep emotions and remind you to be in the moment, which connects you to yourself, and in turn, others!

It all started a few years ago when Dana El Masri read Jitterbug Perfume, a year and many stories later, she found herself training at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, with a deep love for music and a curiousity for what's to come, Dana wondered if the connections she was making between scent and sound would make sense in this exciting new world. Inspired by the concept of Synesthesia and by Septimus Piesse’s remarkable work, Dana decided to blend melodies of the past and present.

Synesthesia occurs when two sensory pathways are experienced at the same time or when one sense influences another. Both music and scent are invisible and speak to our core (and they're a lot of fun), now imagine their power together!

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