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What do we do each morning when we get up? What do we do each night before we go to sleep? And what do we do in between to help ourselves look and feel better about who we are? The answers to each of these questions all involve discipline, a protocol, or etiquette, and that is where we took our name: Etiket

Etiket is a luxury retail destination providing the best in cosmeceuticals, skincare and beauty products as well as exclusive perfumes and accessories including a range of unsurpassed esthetic services.

Our philosophy is to source and offer a carefully edited selection of high quality, original and effective beauty products from innovators and specialists around the world.

Etiket is situated downstairs from Médecine Esthétique Dr Yves Hébert, a clinic dedicated to esthetic treatments and surgery. With over twenty years practicing esthetic medicine, Dr. Yves Hébert is the medical consultant for Etiket. We have drawn on his expertise to build protocols to complement any procedures performed at the clinic as well as carrying cosmeceuticals and intelligent skincare products that may be used on their own. Dr. Hébert has been involved in the choice of each product and service that we offer. Our goal is to ensure that we offer products and services that will make a difference in the way you look and feel.

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